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Welcome to Indigo Gazelle, LLC (previously Get Global Expeditions, LLC). I am excited to launch this new brand and identity after operating as Get Global Expeditions for over 5 years. Everyone and everything needs frequent rejuvenation--especially an experiential travel enterprise whose mission is to facilitate new and enlightening sensations, sights, and interactions. Why "Indigo Gazelle"? Well, aside from its entrancing imagery, "Indigo" because it is the wondrous, profoundly inky, iconic color of Homer's wine-dark sea, the Aegean. Indigo also connotes something precious and luxurious given its ancient history as a rare and treasured natural dye. "Gazelle" is a bow to those graceful, elegant, endangered antelopes in Morocco and elsewhere in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Also, in Moroccan Arabic, the adjective "ghazala"--a derivative of "gazelle"--is used to describe anything and anyone "beautiful" or "gorgeous"; it is the highest compliment, and our two featured destinations embody this description in innumerable ways. Together, "Indigo Gazelle" conjures up fantasy and this greater Mediterranean region, and don't you long for at least something fantastic at some point during your journeys? 

So, if the spirit of Indigo Gazelle has by now stimulated you...please join us on an unforgettable discovery of Morocco and Greece--two hospitable, history-rich, fascinating and gorgeous destinations that bookend the Mediterranean Sea. Accompany us on one of our intimate small group tours that unearth the authentic and extraordinary--and delicious. Or opt for one of our curated, pre-packaged independent tours that are offered year-round, based on availability. Or if you seek an expertly crafted, tailored journey inspired by your interests or curiosities, we can explore that too. My own unique blend of Greek heritage and 25+ years of Morocco experience allow an authentic lens to these cultures, and our exceptional in-country networks will make your encounters distinct, genuine, and enlightening. Shining a light on two countries--as opposed to, say, twenty--permits a higher beam, bringing both the fantastic and elegantly simple discoveries to the fore.

Come, Join Us, and Gallop Further.

Alex Safos, Owner and Founder, Indigo Gazelle 



Edible Destinations by Epitourean — A leader in unique, worldwide cooking vacations and culinary getaways including cooking classes, market tours, and tastings. Indigo Gazelle has created two alluring, pre-packaged Morocco tours for the independent culinary traveler.

Chef Amy Riolo — Celebrity chef, culinary diplomat, Mediterranean Diet advocate, cookbook author, and food historian, Chef Riolo has been featured on Indigo Gazelle's small group tours to Morocco and Greece.

Royal Air Maroc — Morocco's national carrier and largest airline, RAM offers non-stop routes from Washington (Dulles) and New York (JFK) to Casablanca on new, state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliners with connections to Marrakech, Fes, Tangier, Zagora and elsewhere.

Abdelkader Tourisme — Providing safe, reliable, and friendly private ground transportation throughout Morocco. 

SACAL-Fez — This organization provides academic lectures, home-stays, Arabic instruction, and enrichment activities such as calligraphy and music for cross-cultural understanding. 

Culinary Backstreets — Offering "culinary walks" of hidden, non-touristed corners of cities such as Athens whereby food, tradition, and the people behind the dishes are (re)discovered. 



Indigo Gazelle was established in early 2018 but has operated under the brand "Get Global Expeditions" since late 2012. Get Global Expeditions had its roots in the educational travel non-profit, Global Learning Across Borders (Global LAB), starting in 2006. Global LAB offered semester and custom experiential travel programs to students and teachers in Morocco, Greece, India, and Vietnam emphasizing cross-cultural immersion and understanding. In December 2012, Get Global Expeditions adapted this philosophy exclusively for adult travelers with a focus on just Morocco and Greece. This is the institutional genesis of Indigo Gazelle.

But let's get personal for a moment to isolate the passions and sources which predated the business and fuel the mission. A father who was born on the island of Ikaria, Greece. A mother whose family has roots on the island of Rhodes, Greece. A grandmother who was my torch to Greek culture. A Greek-American dual citizen also intrigued by the Arab World, who studied Arabic, lived and worked in Egypt, Jordan, and spent a seminal year teaching at the American Language Center in Fes, Morocco. Then a return, many times, to Morocco and Greece, a heart warmed anew with each visit. The historic, geographic overlap of Hellenic and Arab civilizations and empires, I am convinced, reside in my genetic sequence, and this unique melange not only propels me back towards these two true, painterly countries--it propels me to share their wonders with you. That is the history and essence of Indigo Gazelle.  



“Alex Safos provides a deeply satisfying and stimulating excursion of Greece. His command of the language, the culture and knowledge of the country very much impressed me. Alex put together a great team of scholarly individuals to add to our knowledge on Greek cuisine, archaeology and wine making while at the same time keeping things jovial.” —Joe Hotung

“We are talking about the trip constantly—we can’t wait to get back! Thank you for a truly magical experience! Elf Shoukr!” —Ann Rowland

"It was the trip of a lifetime!" — Sandy Kennedy

"The trip was absolutely wonderful, and I enjoyed meeting you and everyone, and exploring Morocco. I've been talking non-stop and sharing with my family since I returned home." — Sue Clery

"I’m so thankful that I participated in this great adventure & feel blessed to have spent time in such great company!" — Martha Deal

"Thank you both for an experience I would never have known if it weren't for you both and Amy." — Jacquelyn Austin

"I wanted to thank you for being a terrific leader of our trip. Your flexibility and most of all caring in addition to all the extensive planning made the trip such a success.  As you said we all had unexpected challenges which you were able to mitigate.  I have only great memories of the places we visited." — Sandy Hoexter and Randy Clarke III